Simplicity, Integrity & Imagination work together in creating, designing & building spaces for People to Live, Work and Play in . . . . Inspiring exceptional dreams, minds & Lives 

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Welcome to PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors

PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors is a boutique interior design company specialising in Residential, Corporate and Hospitality  interior design Solutions for our clients.

PurpleChilli’s Mission is: “To design and install quality and beautiful Interior Spaces for People to Live, Work and Play in. Spaces that People will love and be inspired by, using creative design, effective space planning, attention to detail, application of sustainable design principles, using quality materials and creating spaces that have long-term investment value.”

Purple Chilli’s Vision is “To Be recognized in the marketplace as Design Experts in the Interior Design industry and To design and create quality, beautiful and mind blowing interior Spaces for people to Live, Work and Play in”

Full service Interior Design:

PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors offers a full Turn-key design service from concept drawings, through to project management and handover. to find out more please follow this link: Full Service Interior Design


What is e-design? Virtual interior design!

e-design is a simple way to design a space or room, utilizing our skills and designer know-how, without retaining  PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors for Full Service Interior design. to find out more, follow this link: e-design