Allowing Children to keep their Creativity


I have a passion for teaching creativity, Children I find are naturally creative, and they don’t need to be taught to be creative.

Unfortunately, In my experience, Children are taught to stop being creative, and are forced to think inside the box, as opposed to outside. I remember being about 7 or 8 years old, and we needed to colour something at school, I was sharpening my coloured pencils and was fascinated by the colours of the sharpening bits falling off the sharpener, and started to use them instead of my pencils to colour in. I thoroughly enjoyed the different effect it created, and was inspired. When my teacher saw what I was doing, she told me quite loudly, that what I was doing was NOT ALLOWED! When I questioned her logic, I was shot down and pushed back into my box of conformity.

This was one of many experiences I had as a Child that “almost” convinced me that creativity was not encouraged. I have watched both of my children experience the same thing. I find the school system today to be inadequate in the areas of art, crafts and creativity, and as a result I have developed a series of creative workshops for children to explore their creativity and stay in touch with the natural creative spirit that they were born with.

The first of these workshops will be held during the July school Holidays (2017). Please follow this link for more info: Holiday Creative Fun!

Written by: Karyn, 23 june 2017


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