Designing a successful Office Interior space is like baking a beautiful chocolate cake!

office interior design is like making chocolate cakeThere are certain ingredients that need to be added in different proportions at specific intervals, combined with professional procurement and co-ordination, baked over the required time, and voila! You have a beautiful and Practical Office interior.

These are some of the required ingredients:


Office interior design
CSG Reception designed by Karyn Reynolds, founder of PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors

Your Reception, this is where you greet your clients, this is where first impressions are made, make it beautiful and impactful.

Read more about Reception areas here – How to create effective reception areas


Nastuh Abootalebi
Boardroom Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

All offices need meeting places, Large Boardrooms for the large formal meetings, medium meeting rooms for the not so formal or large meetings, smaller meeting rooms for the littler meetings. Meeting spaces can be planned as meeting and training areas, they can be divided into smaller and bigger spaces with some amazing products. Add informal meeting places into the mix like this one:

Office interior design
Informal meeting area – CSG – designed by Karyn Reynolds, founder of PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors


An essential ingredient for effective office design, a place to work. Individual offices? Or open plan? A combination of both? What kind of desks does your staff need, what is your budget? What do your staff do? On computers all day, or out in the field? Sitting or standing desks? These are all the different components to effective and productive planning. Don’t forget the chair!

Download PurpleChilli Lifestyles free e-book on effective office design for more info:

A stage by stage guide to designing your corporate office space in the most effective way


filing pic

Paper; stationery; filing etc – where do you put it? How do you access it?? Studies have shown that the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for papers. Office productivity goes up by almost 50% if people in the environment know where to find stuff and that same stuff is organised effectively.


Air, lots of fresh air. Even if windows in the office environment do open, ensure that you have fresh air pumped into the office. Lack of fresh air in the office environment has been linked to tiredness and lack of concentration. Add in plants, they produce oxygen and they look good too!

Office Interior Design - CSG by Karyn Reynolds
Plants in the office – CSG – designed by Karyn Reynolds, founder of Purplechilli Lifestyle interiors


Interior design the is the art of how a human interacts with the interior environment. Humans spend huge amounts of their day at work, and they need to have nourishment. Remember to factor this into the design of the office. Either ensure that your staff have easy access to shops and restaurants, or provide in-house food for their needs. At the very least, provide a place to make coffee and tea, with a small fridge and a sink.

Purplechilli interiors - CSG green kitchen
Green kitchen – CSG Newlands, designed by Karyn Reynolds founder of PurpleChilli Interiors


What is the saying? Work Hard and Play hard?  Consider adding a space where your staff can have an opportunity for some fun. Including a play space into the eat space, combining them together has great functionality and can double up as an entertainment space for staff and clients.

A putting green for example?

Office Interior design - putting green
Putting green – CSG Newlands, designed by Karyn Reynolds, founder of PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors

Or Table Tennis anyone?

Office Interior design
Table tennis recreation area – Designed by Katherine du Plooy from du Plooy Studios


You know that feeling, it is too loud to think? One of the downfalls of open plan offices is: NOISE. Lots of it. Designing quiet spaces where staff can go to Think, be quiet, take or make that confidential phone call and get productive.


Add in spaces that are designed for relaxation, change the tone, make it softer, change the colour from the rest of the office environment. Add couches, a rug and flowers. This is a place that allows your staff to sit and have a relaxing conversation a place for an informal meeting or client meeting.

Ofiice Interior Design
Jembi – Designed by Katherine du Plooy of du Plooy Studios


Do not forget to include Support. All offices need a support structure that houses required infrastructure. This includes a space for computer servers; Storage; furniture; archiving and any other odds and sods that may be required.

Ultimately there is a lot more that goes into designing effective office environments, Contact PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors today for a consultation on ….. or head-over to this page e-design for our virtual design services.




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