Full Interior Design Service

PurpleChilli Lifestyle interiors is a full-service Interior Design consultancy that focuses on Commercial, Residential and Hospitality interior design.

PurpleChilli’s Mission is: “To design and install quality and beautiful Interior Spaces for People to Live, Work and Play in. Spaces that People will love and be inspired by, using creative design, effective space planning, attention to detail, application of sustainable design principles, using quality materials and creating spaces that have long-term investment value”

We are available to assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish, including consulting with Architects and builders, providing tailor-made design to each individual project on all aspects of design from concept to hand over. We will transform you home, office, or any required space into a beautiful, functional space.

PurpleChilli lifestyle work internationally, and have completed projects world wide.

Please contact Purplechilli@purplechillilifestyle to book a consultation

Aspects of  Full Interior Design Service include:

There are 2 major phases of an Interior Design project namely:

  • PHASE 1 – PLAN



During this phase, we will sit down with our client and establish the Space that requires Design; Budget; What is required; What is not Required; The Look and Feel and what the timelines may be.


Once we have established the outlines of the project, PCL will put together a concept. The objective at this stage is to establish Layout, Design and Look & Feel of the Project before any detailed drawings are put to hand. We will Measure up the space; Survey existing furniture and equipment; Capture all this info on CAD; Do Space Planning; Design options; Layout options; 3D drawings; Establish required Health & Safety requirements; Propose finishes & Samples; Put together Draft Budgets; Presentations and go back to the Drawing board with the changes as required.


After the concept is approved, PCL will move into the Detailed drawing phase. The objective of this phase is to put together a pack of drawings of the project in order to obtain accurate quotes. These Drawings include the following: Demolition Layouts; Wall Layouts (drywall, brick wall, glass etc) Furniture Layouts (existing & new); Floor finishes layouts; Reflected ceiling plans; Lighting Layouts; Electrical Layouts; Air Conditioning Layouts; Sprinkler Layouts; Sections & Elevations; Joinery detail drawings for bespoke furniture; 3D drawings; Sections through specific details, e.g. bulkheads; Health and Safety Layouts and all Required Council submission Drawings.


These detailed drawings are distributed to multiple contractors to obtain quotes, which PCL will collate into a Budget, outlining each component required to complete the project. We will get multiple quotes on each item as required.


Once the Budget is approved, PCL will put together a project plan including a detailed Installation Schedule; Timelines; Budget Control; Health & Safety Requirements and Project management requirements.



Each project requires an installation schedule detailing each contractor’s timeline, manufacture and installation time off and on site and the order that contractors will be on site to ensure that all elements of the project build are installed in a specific order. Installing the carpet while the ceiling is still being plastered and painted is generally not a good idea, for example. PCL includes the lead times required for Council submission, Health & Safety approvals; and for the insurance to be in place.


Each site needs to comply with the local Health and Safety bylaws, this requires a safety plan. Regular Safety briefings need to be conducted; Emergency plans complied and the correct insurance is put in place for the scope of the project.


Project Management is the process of keeping an overall eye on the full scope of the project, this includes Timeline management; Budget Control; Health & Safety management; Site Variations; Site Inspections; Handover; snagging and overall quality of the installation.


Once the project is completed to specification, PCL will conclude the project with a handover process. Handover incorporates all snagging; extras; quality control and a plan to maintain the installation.